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Crisis Action Bio Avenger 2019

Written by A Gaming World

Welcome to the exciting Bio Avenger Mode! The Bio Matrix is even more difficult to defeat, and additional fun from Teammate Rescue Mode. In this new mode, human beings can rescue each other to revive from Bio Chemical Ghosts’ attack. Crisis Action has been downloaded over 60,000,000 times, new mode, characters and weapons are all on the way. Enjoy the hottest shooting game!

Crisis Action Bio Avenger 2019

Game Features

>Smooth Shooting Experience is Back!
With the big development of the game, the best shooting experience is back. No lagging anymore, enjoy the best FPS mobile game!

>30+ Modes to Satisfy All FPS Needs, Enjoy the Battlefield!
Crisis Action satisfies all your CS shooting desires, Doodle Fight, Strike Dragon, Zero Gravity, Hide& Seek, Cartoon Hero and the New Survival Mode. Get ready for combat!

> 300+ New Modified Weapons, Unlimited Firepower!
More than 300+ powerful guns and weapons, including rifle, sub-machine guns, pistols, shotguns, sniper rifles and even magic bows! To be sniper, assassin or gun killer. Carrying the most suitable guns to join in the cruel battlefield right now!

>Intense Multiplayer Combat, Join in Epic Battle!
Team up with your friends around the world! Coordinate your battle plan with wise strategy and tactics. Fight with your friends to dominate the battlefield and show the world your skills by leading the scoreboard!

>Absolute Fair Play! Join in 2019 Tournament!
Crisis Action will continue online and offline FPS tournaments in 2019, millions of rewards, thousands of diamonds and exclusive weapons for the winners! Become FPS legend 2019!

The Gameplay

  • Bio Avenger mode: Whole new upgrade of Bio Matrix and Teammate Rescue Mode!
  • Doodle fight mode: Capturing fields by spraying paint, enjoy an offbeat and funny FPS!
  • Dragon strike mode: Protect base, defeat the mechanical dragon
  • Werewolf mode: Using limited weapons to beat the player who is affected by Werewolf virus
  • Mech mode: Drive the powerful mech and fire at the enemy!
  • Ranked match: Variety of guns and maps for you to choose to be No.1.
  • Arena mode: Either fight in teams or solo, skills are required!
  • Leisure mode: Zero Gravity, Hide& Seek, and Cartoon Hero. Play for fun!


Crisis Action 3.0.5 Update

Xmas Triple Gift in Crisis Action:
-FREE play in the Xmas event page lottery draw! 100% winning!
-New Mode -Doodle Fight, tons of spray firearms and skills to choose from!!
-Xmas veterans return get special gift for FREE, Dragon weapons sales on 99% Off!
❉NEW MODE: Doodle Fight
❉NEW MALL: Spray Shop
Esports-Dual Panther
Xmas Cannon
Xmas Lobster Crossbow
❉Other Adjustment:
Upgrade Anti-hack system
Bug fixed

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